Holy Places: Assisi

Of all of the places I traveled during a three year expanse living in Italy, Assisi stands out as one of the most holy.  I expected to feel this way about Rome and I did up to a point, but tourism, vendors and the overall commercialization of Vatican City left me feeling a bit deflated, which is not to say I didn’t appreciate the wonders of it all. 

Assisi on the other hand, remains unspoiled, perhaps because you need to work harder to get there and those seeking out this serene, peaceful place, generally go for holy reasons.  I am thrilled to have been blessed with the opportunity to visit some of the lesser traveled cities and towns in this exquisite country and was never disappointed by the beauty I found. 

This is a photographic journey.  Since I rarely sleep, I was able to capture the silence of dawn. 

I hope you enjoy it!    

summer and fall 2010 457

Red Scooter, Assisi,

Ever Spoken to Your Guardian Angel? Want to know how?

Eileen Slovak:

Found this interesting, thought you might too.

Originally posted on My Day Out With An Angel:

Hi Beloved Brothers and Sisters. Have you ever spoken to your guardian Angel? Many would say “Yes” but most of you might say “No”. Okay, are you interested in speaking to your guardian Angel?

You might know; it’s really a wonderful feeling. Whatever problems you face now, whatever questions you have now, whatever you are looking forward to now – your guardian Angel could guide with ease and the wisdom that comes from them can’t be compared to human wisdom in any way. The wisdom they possess are from a higher source and so the solution to your problem, the answer to your question and the path to what you are looking forward to will be much wiser and better than you could ever work out yourself.

We all do a lot of things in life; some of them are useful and some of them are useless. So why don’t we…

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