Ten Buttery Chardonnays for Under $20

Bringing you some feasible Friday fun with numbers…just in time for the weekend! Actually most of these wines are available for under $15, which is amazing considering the quality.

Fans of the buttery, creamy variety will enjoy these ‘Fab Chards’! I like mine fruity, but on the dry side, with hints of vanilla and oak of course!

Any fans of the new ‘un-oaked’ Chardonnay out there? I am curious if oak lovers find those enjoyable. I prefer these types with oak better.

Feel free to share some of your own great wine picks.

Have a wine-derful weekend all!

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    • Exposing a Chardonnay to Oak is not what creates the buttery flavors. Buttery flavors are the result of malolactic fermentation, which is a secondary fermentation. Oak provides softness and a toasty richness.


      • Agreed! I am always searching and have started exploring more outside of California chard. The unoaked chards are lining the shelves and I’m not a fan! Argentina and Africa are producing some nice chards. I will post some soon!


  1. Any Chard that describes its taste as any of the following , pineapple, pear, green apple. citrus , or grapefruit is NOT buttery!! Many on your list describe themselves in these ‘ fresh, bright’ terms. I want Buttery as in the style of 30 years ago. Where can I find any?


    • Hi James,

      I have good luck finding a them at Total Wine. They do a nice job of hanging signs with descriptions like buttery, creamy, oaky vs citrus, pineapple, unoaked. I will say I did find all of these to my liking despite the descriptions. At one point, Total Wine dedicated an entire encap dedicated to buttery vs citrus. I too avoid the citrus due to the acidicity that I find comes with it. You have inspired me to write a follow-up post of more buttery chards. Thanks for commenting!


  2. Please revise your list. I have tried all but one of the chards on your list and none of them is buttery anymore. The have all gone to the fruity tones.


  3. I suggest Santa Barbara’s Landing Chardonnay. You’ll find it at Trader Joe’s for $4.99. It’s buttery and a bit oaky (but not too much). Been drinking it for years.

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  4. The J. Lohr Chard has changed for 2016 vintage and no longer has a creamy, buttery and vanilla flavor.
    It’s more acidic and minerally than before. But a couple to try are Muirwood about 12.00 at Total Wines and Buttercream also about 12.00 at T.W.


  5. If you want low acidic less fruity but buttery, oakie chard, try Madellena and San Simeon (my favs). Then there’s popcorn chard. I see a couple on your list that aren’t too bad and several that may be under $20 but I won’t buy it again and waste the money. And remember: It’s not about what the marketing people tell you what good wine is. It’s about what YOU like.


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