Today in America…

Is there hope for a better year?

It’s a new year and where are we America? I desperately want to think positively of 2022. I wanted to think positively of 2021…but that didn’t really work out now did it?

Being Irish (mostly), some Scottish, some German and who knows what else, I believe in luck. Furthermore, I believe that you can change your luck and that begins with positive thoughts and positive acts.

So here goes…Happy Birthday 2022! I’m counting on you! We all are!

Happy Birthday 2022!!!

I have to say while remaining hopeful that we’ve had a rocky start to this brand spanking new year.

1) Insane Gas Prices: why did we close the pipeline and give up energy independence again??? Anyone???

Gas prices in America Suck!

Remember: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” -Ronald Reagan.

Well, how about: “Mr. Biden! Open that damn pipeline!!!” -Me

2) Rising Food Prices and Empty Shelves: is it all “supply chain” – which is what exactly? Is this just a misnomer? Are people hoarding again? Are we being duped? I would like to know what’s really going on, wouldn’t you?

Gee maybe devaluing our own currency and printing money is a bad market strategy after all.

I’ve heard our nations leadership blame the empty supermarket shelves on everyone from the farmers to the truckers to the supermarkets.

I don’t know about you but I don’t know anyone who works harder than farmers. I know that I’m not getting up at 5am to milk the cows or tend the herd and I’m certainly not blaming the guys and gals who do.

The truckers? My uncle drove a semi…that’s no easy life! It’s long days and nights away from home, with extreme traffic, stress, and all while remaining alert! I can do about 4 hours in a car before I go completely bats! My vision of hell is that they give me this job to do for all eternity.

What about the supermarkets that remained open all throughout the height of the Covid epidemic? After a brief stint working in a supermarket, I can tell you these folks work their butts off. While working this job I didn’t have to worry about tracking my steps because I logged over 15,000 daily!

Are we seriously blaming them for empty shelves? The next time you go to the market, please say thank you to the employees who work there busting hump and dodging customers to keep the food on the shelves, while earning low wages and logging terrible hours.

As for management, running a supermarket and trying to make a profit is a nightmare. They’re dealing with government regulations, FDA, employment issues, perishable goods, and now “supply chain” issues.

The Bread Section of Target in Reston, VA 1-10-22
If we run out of bread, there’s alway cake!

3) COVID – OMG!!! Why are we still dealing with this!!! We have the vaccines which we were promised would be our saving grace. Yet somehow none of what we were told ever added up right.

The medicine aisle in Target yesterday Reston, VA

Pretty much everyone I know including myself was sick for Christmas. There was lots of Covid under the Christmas tree and especially for fully vaccinated folks. What gives??? Does anyone else feel like we’ve been sold a bunch of baloney at a filet mignon price???

4) Rising Crime and Changing Public Support for Police Officers.

5) The Border:

6) Afghanistan- Lest We Forget!

7) School Closures: what did our youth learn in 2021? How many suffered and continue to suffer from issues with mental health? I was very proud of the parents here in Loudoun County for their resolute efforts to get our children back into the classrooms and to raise serious concerns about the current curriculum. As parents we have to fight for our children, because no one else will.

Hope, where art thou?

My hope is that 2022 will be the year of the independent American, the free thinker, the doer, and the questioning American. That it will be the year of taking a stand, righting wrongs, and banding together. Division has gotten us nowhere. Hiding in our homes has rendered us fearful and lost. We can’t afford another year of cowering and doubting ourselves America. Our children are watching. And the world is watching.

Glimmer of Hope!

In 2022 we need a spark to ignite and rejuvenate American ingenuity, strength, unity, pride, creativity, honor, hard work, spirituality, and patriotism.

July 4th 2021

Let’s go…America and 2022! I believe in you!

American Flag

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” – Ronald Reagan

So, You Want to be the Next President

How the DEMS are better at playing politics than the GOP

The 2016 Presidential election has already begun, if you haven’t noticed. Cover-ups are at all time high and backbiting and infighting has already started, which makes me think, Republicans in particular, have not learned anything new since the last election.

For Republican supporters, the reason it’s difficult to back a candidate is that the candidates do not support or back their own party or have a true agenda. They are too busy fighting within the party to put forth a solid candidate. Take the most recent bickering between New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. I am a fan of both men, but it irks me to see this childish behavior and to know what Republicans stand to lose again.

The DEMS seem to get this and work very well at publically hugging their enemies and making nice when they begin to lose support over their bad behavior. They are not afraid to run for office ‘post scandal’, such as, Anthony Weiner’s New York Mayoral campaign. They get that if you are the number two choice of supporters there’s always a new prestigious post within the administration and a promise of future support should America decide she loves you again later. They get that the one who gives the speeches is less important than who runs things from behind the scenes. They stick together.

DEMS stay true to their agenda: get the vote, no matter the cost. They are always thinking about the best political move in any given circumstance. For example, take the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, where four Americans were killed. Aid requested of the State Department far in advance due to ongoing threats was denied. Of course, threats do not always lead to action and finger-pointing does not bring back those lost. Of course, you can’t blame everything that goes wrong within an organization on the person in charge since there are so many other layers in between, right? The State Department managed to duck and cover any responsibility thanks to party and media support.

It was true brilliance how well the DEMS sidestepped any responsibility, by labeling any unpleasantness that crops up as a ‘phony scandal’. How odd then that just last week, in response to terror threats, the State Department closed 18 US Embassies, all over the world. Maybe there was something to learn then. I wonder if the families of the Benghazi victims will ever learn what really happened especially since survivors have signed non-disclosure agreements.

The question I would ask a potential candidate on either side is, if a person is immoral or fails at leadership in a lower office, how can we expect them to be competent in a higher office and particularly as President of the United States?

As for Republican candidates going the way of the RHINO, shame on you!  Just switch sides already.  Why does this continue to happen? Because they are afraid to take a stand and believe they can get away with straddling the fence. Well they can’t, because eventually, that’s going to hurt. The party lines have a clear division; voters get it, so why don’t the candidates?

For true Republicans, it is not a matter of making nice with Democratic supporters in hopes they will switch sides, because DEMS have their agenda and it is not anything like the GOP one. Whether or not you agree with it, you have to respect that they stick to it.

My theory on Independents is they know which way they lean and just do not want to go public about it; I’m sure you will correct me if I am wrong.

Republican supporters have lost faith in ever finding a true leader again and have chosen not to vote out of sheer exasperation. Why else would the Tea Party and the Libertarian Parties be gaining support? In addition, why would the IRS be trying to silence those organizations? Fear. Because among these might emerge a true candidate for the new Republican party, which is really the same party but led by someone who is not afraid. Right now, DEMS are not worried, because they know they can rely on positive media coverage, the apathy of the average voter and for Republications to destroy their own chances.

What do true Republican supporters want? I am willing to take a stab at what a good candidate might look like:
• One who works at keeping government spending down and lowers our debt to China
• One who fights for American jobs instead of just talking about doing it
• One who respects the Constitution and does not treat it like an outdated document
• One who has some idea of how to run the military and preferably someone who has served
• One who understands we have borders for a reason and if people want to become American citizens they are welcome, provided they do so legitimately, don’t break the law, PAY TAXES and get a photo id to vote
• One who loves America and does not want to turn it into a European nation; no offense to Europe, which is a lovely place to visit, but if we still wanted to be British, we never would have left to begin our own country, which once upon a time was a success

Yes, the right to life is a major issue and you have to pick a side and be true to it. This always becomes the DEM go to as a way of pulling support, yet 73-76% of Americans consider themselves Christians, so how does the GOP lose on this issue every time?

Healthcare No Care! Oh, and by the way, is there anyone who believes the new Healthcare law will be a success? It sounds like it needs an overhaul before we all become the administration’s healthcare guinea pigs. Why all the secrecy? Why all the tweaks and special addendums? Why should we continue to pay and pay for bad legislation? How about getting it right first? If the plan is so great, why do members of Congress get a free pass and get to pay the rate of the uninsured when they make much more than the average American?

Does anyone else feel like the one of plebs outside the walled city, begging for scraps?

The Tower of London

Sadly, the days are gone when there was a candidate Americans could really believe in. We might settle for one who at least stuck by what they claim to stand for. However, because of the current state of politics, that person must be a millionaire many times over or have a platform with which to garner support. This is true for both parties, even though the DEMS somehow get away with pretending they care about the ‘common man’, none of them have ever been common or have any idea what we go through trying to keep our families fed.

So, what will it be America? I have noticed President Obama has changed his favorite speech mentor from President Lincoln to FDR. It is interesting to note that President Franklin D. Roosevelt was fond of social programs and was the only President who held office for three consecutive terms…very interesting in fact. Of course, the 22nd Amendment prevents this from occurring again, as long as it remains intact. Anyway, I am sure the number two choice will get a nice cabinet post.

Break’s Over; Let’s Get Back To Work, America!

Can good old-fashioned hard work, adapting to the changing marketplace and holding Government accountable for how they spend our taxes, save America?

Is anyone buying the Government is going to create jobs story, waiting around for that to happen?  Because here is some home truth about semantics:  the Government does not create jobs.

The US Government is this country’s largest employer and according to:, in 2011, employed 16.4 million full time employees.  Yes, we pay people to collect this data, so someone should read it.  There is wasteful spending, which our elected officials will hopefully find and cut, over for the next several months, in order to develop a budget plan.

What Government can do for the private sector job market, that’s Joe’s Hardware store or Nancy’s Restaurant or Lou’s Construction company, you get the picture, is decrease tax rates and change regulations to encourage employers of companies and businesses owners to hire more people and in turn, positively affect the jobless rate and stop companies from sending our jobs overseas.

Here’s another interesting statistic, about three quarters of businesses have no employees, they are simply self-employed.  Stats about business from the US Census Bureau

Feel free to e-mail your favorite Senator or Congressperson to ask what they plan to do about the unemployment rate, which according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,, is still 7.9% and translates to 12.3 million unemployed:  Press Release from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Meanwhile, I don’t know about you, but I get impatient waiting for someone else to fix things.  I believe Americans want to work right now.  So, how can we fix the problem for ourselves?

I’ve been job searching for several months, but despite having a college degree and ten plus years of business experience, I took a part time job in retail for pathetic pay.  Why?  Because it makes me feel better to be part of the solution, not part the problem, because a paycheck validates worth.  Because giving up is not the American way.

Retailers, who make the bulk of their revenue during the months of November and December, are hiring.  Many people take these positions as second jobs.  Some are working two part time jobs, because for employers, the benefit of part time is not paying benefits, which means they can hire more people.  Still, the hope for employees is that hard work will lead to full-time status or a better job somewhere else.

For example:  last night after work, while buying groceries, I was talking to grocery store employee, W, who has the biggest smile I have ever seen while working two jobs, seven days a week.  W’s wife, is getting her nursing degree and they have two children.  This is how it’s done in tough times, America!  As bad as things are, this is still the land of opportunity.

Aside from retailers, here’s what else I found in Maryland, many employers, some nationwide, are hiring Salespeople, Engineers, Teachers, service people, drivers and healthcare workers.  For unskilled labor, there are several jobs in the service industry.  Healthcare and hospitals are hiring at various levels, even at the non-degree level.   Restaurants are hiring skilled and unskilled labor.

If you have some talent with computers like surfing the internet, companies are hiring people to manage and maintain websites and blogs.  Finding a job might require re-training, adapting, learning some new skills.  It might require working a lesser job to figure out a way to pay for re-training.  This is nothing new.  Our Grandparents did it; our parents did it; we can do it.

Also hiring, the US Government and Government contracting companies, until budget cuts begin.  Proposed cuts, slated to come from primarily from defense, include cutting retirement and medical benefits for Veterans, you know, the people who risked their lives fighting wars, protecting us from harm and keeping America safe from terrorism, which exists regardless of what you call it, semantics again, like the attack on our American Consulate in Benghazi.  If you disagree with defense cuts, feel free to e-mail your favorite Senator or Congressperson to suggest they cut something else.

Then, what do I know, I write for free.  But, at least I’m paying taxes.