#Caturday Fun!

Happy weekend all! I wanted to share some #caturday fun to brighten your day! It’s just another week of lux living for Licorice…

Flowers, yum!
Just catching up with my peeps!
Moms water is so much better than mine!
It’s a cat’s life!

Thanks for viewing and keep writing!

Kitten Therapy


When my daughter Katherine and I began volunteering for HART, Homeless Animal Rescue I had no idea how much these cats, and little fuzzy kittens would rescue me back. When I am holding one of these little guys, all of my worries simply fade away. HART helps homeless cats and kittens through foster care, and medical attention, to finding permanent loving homes. If you cannot adopt, please consider donating your time or resources.


Happy #Caturday! And thanks for reading.