Loki Gone Loco!

Kids! Am I right? Loki’s growing up! He had his first birthday in April and he’s really testing the limits. I’m just not sure I have the energy to keep up with a toddler cat!

Yeah, that’s the roof!

He had his first debut on ‘NextDoor’ as a “lost” cat. He was still in his own neighborhood but decided to glean some sympathy or some free food, I’m not sure which!

Loki “lost” in his own neighborhood

He adores the outdoors and loathes being kept indoors, especially if we’re outside.

Let me out!!!!
He still loves tunnels because they’re awesome!
He still needs his naps every day or he gets cranky.
He likes making new friends. I don’t have the heart to tell him that’s a stone cat statue.
He knows the best places to hang out.
Still ‘thinking about’ working out.
And he still worships Licorice.
He’s still cute as ever! It’s his main saving grace!

Happy #Caturday all!



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