I Dream Of Paris…

…because some of my fondest memories were born there.

www.eileenslovak.com http://www.eileenslovak.com

Because if I try hard enough, I can still smell the flowers in the park and the lily of the valley perfume I tried on in the perfumery.

Flowers in Paris Flowers in Paris

Because I can still taste the crisp Sancerre on my tongue and smell the savory rabbit on my plate.

Lapin A La Cocotte Lapin A La Cocotte

Because I miss the cool morning walks to the local café for breakfast.

Breakfast Cafe Style Breakfast Cafe Style

And the scowl of the gargoyle…

Gargoyle Gargoyle

And the towering Eiffel…

The Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower


And the sculpture gardens…

Paris! Paris!


And the chocolate! Oo-la-la!

Chocolate! Chocolate!

And the style!

Paris fashion Paris fashion

Ah Paris! It has been much too long! But I will always see you in my dreams!


Photo Blogs Speak a Thousand Words

Beach in Scotland www.eileenslovak.com
Beach in Scotland

I was reading a post by Om Malik about the preference for long verses short posts.  It started me thinking about what catches my eye when scrolling my blog reader.  Sometimes it’s completely random and based on mood. Sometimes I’m captured by a good title.  But, usually, it’s a great photo that draws me in.  Which makes me wonder, why am I so lazy about adding photo’s to my own posts?

It’s not for a lack of photos, I have thousands; including some terrific shots of Europe. But then, there’s so much that’s photo worthy in Europe, it’s almost impossible to take a bad picture.  I’m dropping a few of my favorites in here…see what you think.

Boats in Ischia, Italy www.eileenslovak.com
Boats in Ischia, Italy

So…what makes a photo interesting or intriguing?  Is it the mood or feeling it inspires?

Statue in Paris www.eileenslovak.com
Statue in Paris

Does it invoke curiosity or introspection?

Band playing for runners in Paris www.eileenslovak.com
Band playing for runners in Paris

Is it unique, artful, skillful or comical?

Self Portrait, Paris, France www.eileenslovak.com
Self Portrait, Paris, France

The rhyme or reason of my photo ‘likes’ is tricky to define:

I do favor flower photos, not in a Georgia O’Keeffe sort of way, just vibrant close-ups, with the amazing detail nature provides.

I admire animals, but I’m getting bored with cats and dogs anything else is infinitely more interesting, even farm animals.  That might seem common to some.  But for me, they provide a sense of peace in a pastoral setting.

Foal, Matera, Italy www.eileenslovak.com
Foal, Matera, Italy

Anything shot in black and white gets me every time.

I’m also wild about awesome landscapes, trees, the moon, water and certain insects.  Like I said, it’s hard to narrow it down.  The fascination of a photo may lie in the viewers desire to imagine what the photographer was thinking when he/she took a particular shot and whether or not that translates through the photograph.

Bavaria www.eileenslovak.com

Oh and of course…there’s the incredible edibles!

Italian Pasty www.eileenslovak.com
Italian Pasty
Shop Window in Modena www.eileenslovak.com
Shop Window in Modena
Tuscan Cheeses www.eileenslovak.com
Tuscan Cheeses

With so many excellent photo blogs out there, I began to wonder why I’m stingy with the like button?  Can’t I like as many blogs or photos as I would like to?

My new favorites are the nicely paired poem and photo combo, as in these two blogs:  The Source of Inspiration and The Wanderer, check them out if you get a chance.



You might just want to stop and sit awhile with some photo blogs:

Café in Cetona, Italy www.eileenslovak.com
Café in Cetona, Italy

Or put on a sweater…

England www.eileenslovak.com

In the very least if an image makes the viewer smile;  that should be enough, now shouldn’t it?

Locks of Love Salerno, Italy www.eileenslovak.com
Locks of Love
Salerno, Italy