I Dream Of Paris…

…because some of my fondest memories were born there.

www.eileenslovak.com http://www.eileenslovak.com

Because if I try hard enough, I can still smell the flowers in the park and the lily of the valley perfume I tried on in the perfumery.

Flowers in Paris Flowers in Paris

Because I can still taste the crisp Sancerre on my tongue and smell the savory rabbit on my plate.

Lapin A La Cocotte Lapin A La Cocotte

Because I miss the cool morning walks to the local café for breakfast.

Breakfast Cafe Style Breakfast Cafe Style

And the scowl of the gargoyle…

Gargoyle Gargoyle

And the towering Eiffel…

The Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower


And the sculpture gardens…

Paris! Paris!


And the chocolate! Oo-la-la!

Chocolate! Chocolate!

And the style!

Paris fashion Paris fashion

Ah Paris! It has been much too long! But I will always see you in my dreams!



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