Top Five Things I Can Never Bloody Well Find In My Own House!

Got children? Then you know what I’m griping about.

From the moment my two, sweet, bundles of joy were born it was clear nothing was mine anymore. I can tell you that as they grow older the issue only magnifies. For the most part, as parents we resign ourselves to this. We embrace sacrifice. It’s a big part of the job. Although, I would be remiss not to admit that sometimes, I’m driven slightly mad by the smallest of missing things.

  1. Scotch Tape: I don’t mean just at Christmastime, when there is never any tape left, and I’m certain I’m contributing to the soaring stock prices of CVS and 3M. I mean every other day of the year. I search the junk drawer, I rifle through the office – no tape. I finally find a wad of it wrapped around a piece of red construction paper with little sparkle hearts stuck to the outside – under my daughter’s bed.
  2. A Pen That Writes: There are pens everywhere in the house and each one has exactly enough ink to write the first letter of the item that I’m desperate to add to the shopping list. The rest of the letters are written in invisible ink. I’m sure that I’ll remember what I was trying to write once I get to the market – not so much. Picture a middle-aged housewife standing in the center of the canned goods aisle, cursing at a mostly blank piece of paper.
  3. Toilet Paper: There is nothing more infuriating than being stranded on the potty, and then noticing the empty brown cardboard roll. The more I buy, the more they use. I wonder if I am really raising two baby elephants, because the size of their behinds are grossly out of proportion with the amount of toilet tissue used.
  4. A Brush: I love that my daughter has long, golden locks that she brushes all on her own now. I don’t love using the ‘free comb’ leftover from school picture day to try to make sense of my hair. I know for a fact, that there are at least five brushes in the house because I purchased them all. What I don’t know is where on earth they went. One guess is under the seat of my car, a place I cannot go easily without risking throwing out my lower back.
  5. The Good Snacks: I know, I ask too much to even fantasize that I should share in the good snacks…even the few that I hide. That’s right, I just admitted it, and if you’re honest, you’ve done it too. Squirreling away food is an all time parenting low, but I never claimed perfection. Snack stashing is futile anyway. No matter where I conceal them, they are always eventually found, and not by me. My parental brain is so scrambled most of the time, I forget my hiding spots. The worst is ‘the look’ and the comments when they discover the treats, “Wow, Mommy! Seriously! You hid these?”

My own mother raised six children and is a saint by comparison to me. Although, I do remember her having occasional outbursts of, “Don’t touch my things!” It was usually over something small, and seemingly insignificant like a safety-pin. My siblings and I would look at each other and shrug, “What’s her problem?” I know it took awhile, but I get it now, Mom, and someday so will my kids.

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  1. Oh yes… invisible lists and a world falling to bits on account of Scotch tape famine… I feel your pain! Somewhere in this universe I am convinced there is a huge pile of all my missing socks and pens… I blame everyone but me.

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  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    I am sure that these five items in Eileen Slovak’s post is mirrored in most households – what I would like to know is, Why when there is now only my husband and I in the house do the same things go missing!! I have to say that my loss of items is also directly linked to forgetting to put the correct strength of glasses on…


  3. Ha! We have the same issues. Drives me crazy! Everyday, no pen, no tape, no toilet paper, and of course, no socks. I once went out and spent an incredible amount of money on what should have been a lifetime supply of those things. I think it lasted about 24 hours.

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  4. Reblogged this on The Blogging Pot and commented:
    Hi All,
    I can certainly relate to point five. The kids get into all our snacks, including the hidden ones. The other day the cleaner was incredulous when she found a box of Pringles behind my husband’s chair. He was not impressed at having his stash cleaned up. xx Ro


  5. I loved your post. I could particularly relate to the good snacks being taken by the kids. I love having a late night treat with my decaf tea before bed and before I head out to the kitchen, I can already taste it and am very unimpressed when it’s gone!! The other day, our cleaner became adventurous and cleaned behind my husband’s chair and outed his Pringles. He wasn’t happy!! Nowhere is sacred!!

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    • How funny! One of my cats liked to shoot my husbands beer caps under our fridge. It was a bit embarrassing when we moved after seven years she had a quite a few under there, ;). They do like to covet shiny things.


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