Leisure or Labor?

My first Saturday off in a months, I was looking forward to some R&R or L&L, leisure and laziness, with sleeping in being the first order of business.  Here’s how it went:

  • Woke to son’s smiling face, announcing, “Good morning!  It’s 7 am.”
  • Checked e-mail and twitter
  • Sent a few messages while drinking coffee and chatting with sister-in-law
  • Did dishes
  • Fed cat
  • Showered
  • Went on nature hike with husband and children
  • Lunched out with husband and children
  • Came home and while husband napped, picked up miscellaneous items around the house:  jackets, books, water glasses, etc.
  • Showered again
  • Swept floor but resisted washing it
  • Wiped down appliances and kitchen table
  • Sent a few texts
  • Called a few friends
  • Cleaned daily paw and fingerprints off of glass doors
  • Broke up fight between children and sent them back outside to play
  • Sat on deck, leafing through Writers Digest Magazine
  • Wrote three quick entries (25 words or less) for WD monthly writers prompt
  • Wrote this blog
  • Submitted entries online listed above to WD for your story
  • Read a chapter of a book my friend wrote
  • Had a glass of wine while deciding on what to make for dinner
  • Marveled at my amazing ability to relax

Wishing you a day of R&R made your way!

Published by Eileen Slovak

I am an Author Novelist living in Virginia. My body of work includes: published non-fiction articles, this blog, fictional short stories, a published short story series on www.Smashwords.com, flash fiction, poetry and one published novel "Secret Agent of God", a spiritual thriller. Thank you for your interest in my bio. For more: amazon.com/author/eileenslovak

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