This Christmas Give Yourself the Gifts of Faith, Redemption, and Charity!

I’m not about to lecture anyone…Lord knows… I have always considered myself a “catholic in progress”. Both spiritual and religious, I spend a great deal of time questioning, always seeking answers for the unexplained.

But this year, I let friends and family know that I was scaling back on gift exchanges and the “trappings of Christmas” and decided to focus instead on the “reason for the season”.

Statue of Jesus and Mary from the National Shrine Grotto, Mount St. Mary’s in Emmitsburg, MD

With rising inflation and gas prices, empty grocery shelves, and supply chain woes, after two years of COVID-19 riddled with grief and loss, I refused to be disheartened. I planned to take back Christmas this year!

My family went back to church in person, no masks! And we went to confession, which always makes me feel physically lighter, as well as spiritually elevated.

While I truly believe God is all around us, I was missing the community, the ceremony, and the sanctity of being in a sacred place of worship on a Sunday morning.

I was concerned about crowds but attendance is way down. I was concerned we would be judged for being away for so long but instead, we were warmly welcomed.

The third part of this plan was charity: giving charitable gifts to great causes, volunteer organizations that I support, and random acts of kindness, large or small. You do not have to be wealthy to make a difference in the life of someone less fortunate, and no matter how bad you may have it, someone always has it worse!

In the fight against darkness, never surrender, always seek out the light!

Merry Christmas all!



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