Fabulous Linguine with Clam Sauce

Try it for your next date night at home!

This dish brings me back to my roots, a small town in Rhode Island called Narragansett, where the ocean was only steps away. I was spoiled by the abundance of fresh seafood readily available. Boy do I miss it!

Linguine with clam sauce

This is an easy dish to make even if you don’t have access to fresh clams. But if you do, all the better. Gather your ingredients and let’s go!

You’ll need: Dry white wine, olive oil, lemon juice, clam juice, fresh garlic, butter, canned and fresh (cleaned) clams, crushed red pepper, fresh parsley, chives and pasta.

I like to add a take and bake loaf of French bread to round out the meal. The soft and crusty bread helps soak up the extra sauce.

When I cook, I don’t measure…so bear with me! Cooking and food for me is all about taste and creating.

Fill a separate stock pot with water and set on high to cook your pasta. Add a dash of salt and olive oil to the water and boil as per the directions.

Pop your take and bake loaf in the oven.

Then use a large deep frying pan set on low heat. Add a liberal pour of olive oil, some skinny pats of butter, two cloves crushed garlic and then snip in the fresh herbs to taste. Sauté!

Add a splash of lemon, two splashes of white wine, and the clam juice.

Cook for a few minutes until the herbs and sauce blend and you can smell that blended goodness. Add the canned and fresh clams. If the sauce needs more volume add more wine.

Standby because once the clams open, they’re ready!

Your pasta should be ready too. Drain and add some butter to the pasta to keep it from sticking.

Pour the extra wine into two glasses!

Set your table, serve and enjoy!

Linguine with clam sauce for date night!

I hope this dish brings a little New England to your next date night.

Take care all and thanks for reading!



  1. Love this, you did a really awesome job keeping it simple and the photos were a great touch, I like to know what a recipe is supposed to look like. Keep it up!!


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