Where’s the American Idol for Writers?


Are you hooked on American Idol? While I am normally a B & E watcher (beginning and end only), this season I am totally hooked. I’m not sure if it’s the pool of talented wannabe’s or the new judges or both.

It’s not that prior years haven’t produced amazing talent, but this year seems more diverse. There is also an influx of what I like to call the quirky element. I like that.

So far, among the ‘boys’ my favorite is Caleb Johnson with his edgy, rocker style. He reminds me of younger version of the famous ‘Meatloaf’ lead singer Marvin Lee Aday. On the quirky side is Alex Preston, who gave a flawless performance. Then there was the booming and mesmerizing voice of Malcolm Allen.  Who will win? It’s anyone game at this point. Every one of the top ten ‘boys’ brings something unique to the stage.

There is an equal amount of talent on the ‘girls’ side. My favorites run from Majesty Rose who just makes you want to dance, to Kristen O’Connor who dared sing an Adele song and nailed it, to Jena Irene who rocked the Rolling Stones anthem “Paint It Black”, in a spectacular new way. I would love to hear her sing a few Heart tunes because she could handle a Wilson sister’s song. Still I really like Jessica Meuse as an overall performer and my quirky awards go to MK Nobilette and Malaya Watson who are just so interesting to watch.

If you aren’t already tuning in you can catch the recap of them all at http://www.americanidol.com.

The other irresistible part of the this years show are the judges.

Jennifer Lopez is back as America’s darling. She’s so sweet, and a seemingly accessible star. After all, she’s just like you and me…only famous, wildly talented and gorgeous. We ignore all that because she could be the woman next door, really, couldn’t she?

Randy Jackson is back, but in a whole new capacity.

Then there’s Keith Urban. In a word, HOT! My only problem with Keith is that as soon as he starts speaking, I don’t hear a single word he says because I’m completely spellbound by his accent.

Thank goodness for Harry Connick Jr. who I think is one of the most qualified judges of all time with his background as not just a singer, but also a musician and an actor. He’s reminiscent of a ‘real movie star’ from back in the day when celebrities were role models and not tabloid fodder. Plus, I adored him in ‘Hope Floats.” *SIGH* To the studio audience I want to say stop “booing” him! Seriously? Leave the man alone! He speaks the truth! He can’t love everybody like Jen and Keith or there would be no reason to watch the show.

So, to my original point, where is the American Literary Version of Idol?

Where are the aspiring writers from all over the country, reciting sonnets or flash fiction?

We could do this people!

As for judges, how about:

  • Clive Cussler, Harlan Coben, or James Patterson for Thrillers
  • Maya Angelou for Poetry
  • Stephen King or Dean Koontz for Horror
  • Danielle Steel or Nora Roberts for Romance
  • Sue Grafton, Mary Higgins Clark or Janet Evanovich for Mystery
  • George R.R. Martin or J.K. Rowling for Fantasy
  • Sorry folks, we’d probably have to omit the Erotica category if the show airs on prime time!

What a panel this could be! Of course, it would be hard for the contestants to compete across multiple categories and some would say, “I can’t write on demand!” Even though, it would be interesting to see who could.

The only remaining questions are:

Would it make good television?


Would anybody watch?


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