Saturday Night Red Wine – 2017 Tentation De Dalem – Fronsac

Tentation De Dalem French Grand Vin De Bordeaux

We found this wine at Total Wine priced at around $19.99.

I recommend allowing the wine to breathe. The color is black as night. The nose is heavy with oak. It tastes of dark cherry, rich plum, and a walk in the woods on an Autumn evening. It’s as dry as the desert, so have a glass of water handy.

This wine tasting took me back to the week my husband and I spent touring vineyards in the French countryside on our honeymoon many moons ago. French wine is always an adventurous pleasure!

Back Label copy

Dinner was steak cooked medium rare, steamed green beans with garden herbs and olive oil and garlic smashed red bliss with sour cream, light cream and butter.

Happy weekend all!

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