Kindle Countdown Deal 4/22-4/29 on this fast-paced thriller!

Twenty -year-old Janice Morrison has the gift of prophecy, which she thinks is a curse, especially when a group of terrorists decide she’s going to be their secret weapon. What they don’t know is although she’s small in stature, she’s stronger and more tenacious than they give her credit for…


  1. I read and enjoyed. Left a review. I hope you will check out my novel “The Bayou Heist” my debut novel available in paperback and on kindle through Amazon, Barnes & Noble. I was picked up by Barringer Publishing.

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  2. Thank you so much for commenting and reading my book! I am going to buy yours now and so glad you told me!!!! Congratulations again! I’ll promote it on Twitter although my following is not what it was. I started over again after being targeted for being conservative. Such is life!


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